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The unique, ceramic-based formulation used in the entire line of Cerakote High Temperature coatings enhances a number of physical characteristics. Cerakote High Temperature coatings are durable, heat-resistant coatings with excellent long-term performance. Additionally, Cerakote High Temperature coatings function as thermal barriers for thermally-sensitive applications.

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Unlike other “ceramic” coatings, Cerakote is formulated from the molecular level. All Cerakote products begin with a liquid resin, and during the cure process, the resin forms a 3-D ceramic matrix. Additional property-enhancing materials are combined with the raw resin and trapped within the matrix. This technology creates a durable, heat resistant coating and makes Cerakote the premier ceramic coating available on the market today.

Cerakote offers four different types of high-temperature products. An outline of each of these coatings is shown below. As shown, Cerakote exhaust coatings are available in both ambient- cure and oven cure systems. Each of the coatings may be used over a number of different sub- strates, including steel and aluminum. The MC-Series line of ceramic clear coatings is the world’s strongest clear coat and is typically used as a protective clear coat over aluminum, steel, brass, PVD, and numerous other paint and powder coatings to improve their appearance and durability. The average coating thickness ranges from 0.5-1.0 mil and can be used in areas of low tolerance.

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